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Historical Trauma, Social Justice and Intersectionality

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Historical Trauma |  Mental Health |  Social Justice
Loren M. Hill, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
51 Minutes
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Effective treatment begins with considering the complex cultural composition of clients and how social justice issues further intersect with their lives. When working with marginalized populations, clinicians may feel ill-equipped to support clients who have been adversely affected by historical trauma. They may also feel overwhelmed when trying to support the various aspects of intersectionality. The presentation will cover the origins, impact, transmission, and manifestation of historical trauma and how marginalized populations are impacted. Intersectionality, cultural trauma, and oppression also be discussed. Practical and innovative techniques for assessing clients, avoiding cultural misunderstanding, building a therapeutic alliance, correcting mistakes, and treatment recommendations will be offered.

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Union Institute & University

Dr. Loren M. Hill is a licensed clinical psychologist and successful entrepreneur. Leadership is a priority for Dr. Hill. She is dedicated to helping others achieve their highest potential through her company Acclivity, a consultancy that advises clients in executive coaching, psychoeducation, and program management and evaluation. Additionally, Dr. Hill is an experienced academician, having held several faculty and administrative positions in academia. Over the years, Dr. Hill has been recognized for her professional contributions. She is an American Psychological Association Feminist Academic Leadership Academy Fellow, RAND Corporation Faculty Workshop in Policy Research and Analysis Fellow a member of Psi Chi the International Honor Society in Psychology. Her clinical, academic, and business experience uniquely positions her to assess micro and macro needs and provide breadth and depth strength-based solutions. Dr. Hill is the Resident Psychologist for Urban Family Focus Weekly show on KBLA Talk Radio. Her community service has included serving on non-profit boards, think tanks, peer review committees, and commissionerships. Dr. Hill has memberships with the American Psychological Association (APA), California Psychological Association (CPA), and Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA), and she serves as a member of the LACPA Ethics Committee.