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Introduction to Strategic Foresight 2 Day Workshop (Nov. 15 and Nov. 16, 2022)

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Leadership and Strategic Foresight
Dr. Jose Lugo Santiago, ASQ CMQ-OE, PMP, CLSSMBB
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To prepare for emerging trends and opportunities, and mitigate external threats, companies increasingly use the method of foresight. This is most often defined as a human capacity or a leadership intelligence that includes the sense to detect discontinuous change early, interpret its consequences, and formulate effective responses to affect the long-term survival and success of an organization or team.  And that’s a good reason to be here today…

Course Outline, Day 1. (2.5 hours)

MP1. Strategic Foresight – An Overview

   1A. What is Strategic Foresight?  

   1B. Why … strategic foresight?

   1C. Strategic Planning vs. Strategic Foresight

   1D. How do leaders use strategic foresight?


Strategic foresight is not new. It’s really a native human capacity. This is the capacity or power that separate us from other species. For example, we can, not only reason about the present, but we can also imagine what the future could be.

Furthermore, knowing what the future could be, we can anticipate it, shape it, or even build it; examples abound all around us, regardless of your industry. In short, this is the essence of strategic foresight. We are not trying to predict the future, rather we explore the future as it may take its course through different routes (several futures are possible).

But there’s a systematic, non-linear way, to move us through this strategic foresight process. Something we will discuss in the next two days, so you, as a leader, can increase your competency. Let us take a peek.

Course Outline, Day 2. (2.5 hours)

MP2. Anticipating and Seeing Change

   2A. Recognizing Trends & Change Dynamics

   2B. Strategic Foresight Activity

   2C. Debrief: Patterns & Categories

   2D. Exploration of Emerging Trends


We cannot set our sights on the current scenario (whatever that is) and forget to think about the unraveling future. The truth is the future is filled with opportunity and hope.

In business, non-profit, education, technology, can we see what’s changing and what’s emerging? Where are the opportunities? And where can we make a difference?

When we examine the present and link it to the past, we can see how several factors in our environment developed over time. Some of these are seen as forces of change; others are warning signs, weak signals, that were telling us change was coming.

Now, can you take that same exercise and do the same but projecting your observations of what you see today forward into the future? What do you see today? Do you see any marker of possible change for the future?

Leadership Value.

Many times, people try to predict the future, trying to get it exact. That’s not what we need to do or want to do. Otherwise, we lock ourselves into a particular view of the future, to then find ourselves surprised and disrupted once again.

What we need to do is see the myriad of futures and then shape what we want to see and prepare for the most likely undesired scenarios. In order to do this effectively, leaders need to understand what’s changing and what is not changing, as well as what will not change.

The point here is that change is not infinite. Some things will not change, and those things that do not change will be in direct competition with those things that want to change. It’s important we think about this concept because these things form a force against or for the acceleration of change.

As leaders, if we know these things, we can anticipate and shape the future!

Objective #1 Understand strategic foresight’s key components
Objective #2 Create new and innovative solutions to problems to induce organizational transformation
Objective #3 Provide students with practical experience using a foresight tool to illuminate the future of their sector and chart the course to innovation and robust decision-making capabilities



Dr. Jose Lugo Santiago, ASQ CMQ-OE, PMP, CLSSMBB's Profile

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Chief Futurist, Institute for Leadership & Strategic Foresight

Institute for Leadership and Strategic Foresight

Dr. José Lugo Santiago, ASQ CMQ/OE, PMP, CSSMBB is an accomplished Senior Executive Leader, U.S Air Force Veteran, Published Author, Entrepreneur, and Keynote Speaker with +20 years of experience living abroad, managing organizations, leading, training, and developing thousands of personnel.

He is experienced in the creation and deployment of strategic foresight in organizational strategy, quality systems and process improvement, and the implementation of corrective actions derived from conducting domestic and global operations. He earned a doctorate in Strategic Leadership and Foresight from Regent University. His doctorate research has been published as a textbook in the subject area by international academic publisher giant Palgrave MacMillan.

In his career, he had the privilege to manage and lead massive organizational change, championing process improvements, authoring process re-engineering capability, and creating solutions to affect organizational culture, the efficiency of global operations, and human capital strategies in geographically dispersed organizations in the U.S and overseas.


- Doctor of Strategic Leadership (focus on Strategic Foresight), 2019 | Regent University

- Executive Education | Enterprise Management, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of VA

- Master of Business Administration | University of Phoenix

- Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems | University of Maryland University College


- Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (ASQ CMQ/OE), ID #54765, American Society for Quality

- Certified Lean & Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CLSSMBB), ID #VU201823, College of Professional Studies, Villanova Univ.

- Project Management Professional (PMP), ID #1926693, Project Management Institute


- Lean Manufacturing for Executive Leaders (Porsche Plant: Stuttgart, Germany)

- Air War College, Defense and Strategic Studies, Air University (Maxwell, Air Force Base, AL)

- Academic Instructor, Academic Instructor School (Maxwell, Air Force Base, AL)


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