Credit Information

Continuing Education Recognition Point (CERPs)

This comprehensive course is available as a combination offering of live (zoom) lectures, pre-recorded on-demand videos, practice exam and optional assignments.

(1)   LIVE Zoom Sessions: The 42 hours of live zoom sessions are dynamic, often interactive, and cover the information in substantial depth. Documenting attendance at all 7 zoom sessions (36 hours of lactation topics including a practice exam plus 6 hours of Communication Skills) will award 42 CERPs. The required Communication Skills are integrated into the core lectures.

(2)   PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS: Many of the topics presented in the zoom sessions were professionally recorded during a live, in-person course in early 2019. If some of the zoom sessions are missed, the 18 hours of 2019 recordings provide coverage of some of those topics but not all.  CERP credits will be awarded for attending the live zoom sessions OR viewing a comparable 2019 recording if available, but not both.

(3)   Optional Assignments : To receive maximum credit and CERPs after participating in the live zoom sessions or viewing the 2019 recordings, participants can complete and document additional optional assignments. The Optional Assignments are intended to help the participant experience the full depth and breadth of breastfeeding in real life situations following the classroom sessions. Choose any exercise(s)s that are relatively new or unfamiliar and choose from a variety of categories. For credit, you will document the date, length of time spent on each, and a brief evaluation on the documentation form.