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Heather Malley

Founder and Director of Caterpillar Cottage Preschool

Caterpillar Cottage Preschool

Heather has been working in the field of early education and child development for over 25 years. She has worked as a researcher at UCLA’s Center for Improving Child Care Quality, as an early childhood program evaluator at Child Care Resource Center, and in direct service to families and children as a preschool teacher and director. She has a B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Research Methods from Mills College and earned her Montessori Teaching Credential in her early years of teaching.

Heather’s play-based program creates a space for preschool children that is the embodiment of empathy and active listening. It has become a preferred choice for parents. She provides mentoring for interns majoring in Child Development, as well as education for parents who seek to learn more about effective parenting.

She is the author of three children’s books, NOT FOREVER BUT FOR NOW (a story about feelings during the pandemic), THIS SUMMER I WONDER, and MY BOOK - A CONNECTION THROUGH EMPATHY JOURNAL FOR THE STORIES OF A YOUNG CHILD.

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