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Stephen Sunstrom

Leadership and Foresight

Stephen Sunstrom, MBA, SPHR, PMC

Director, Curriculum Development
Institute for Leadership and Strategic Foresight


Stephen has served in various roles as senior human resources leader, facilitator, and project manager, spanning a highly successful career of more than 20 years developing and leading personnel. He is currently the Director of Curriculum Development for the Institute for Leadership & Strategic Foresight. 


He is also a proud Veteran with over 20 years serving in the U.S. Air Force, in various leadership, human resources, training, and development roles. Over several years, he graduated 330 supervisors, leading over 4,700 instruction hours. He coordinated, facilitated, and led a program that taught mid-level supervisors leadership acumen, problem-solving, critical thinking, employee relations, performance feedback, and resiliency. The aim of this very intense 7-week mid-level supervisory program was to provide students with various leadership tools and concepts to help them be successful at leading teams and organizations in their future roles.


After his retirement from military service in 2016, he went on to work as an Organization and Talent Development Manager at Whataburger where he was responsible for the development of 1,500+ leaders in over 135 stores. It was here where he developed an accelerated development program for General Managers which previously took over two years. Once these leaders were identified, he conducted monthly coaching sessions enhancing their professional development through an assortment of assignments designed to expose the participants to situations they would face in their next role as managers. This program decreased development time by 63% and exceeded the company goal of internal promotions by 85%.


Stephen is passionate about helping others identify and grow into the best versions of themselves. His focus has been on enhancing their leadership capacity by challenging their current beliefs and helping leaders realize they already had the solution to positively impact overall organizational performance. He has also helped develop and execute a quarterly talent planning process, which tracked leadership development, allowing the most senior leaders in an organization get a view of their talent pipeline.


Steve is married to his wife, Terri, for over 21 years and has three wonderful children. His hobbies include recreational & technical SCUBA diving and teaching Ketsugo Ryu Jujitsu.


- MBA with a Concentration on Organizational Psychology and Development
- Bachelor of Science in Management
- Associate of Applied Science in Human Resources Management
- Associate of Applied Science in Instructional Technology
- Associate of Applied Science in Computer Scienc